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Everyday we are constantly faced with many choices. We must select these choices very wisely because the choices we make will adversely affect our lives and our future. This book will equip you with principles that will guide you in making wise choices in life.

This book will unlock great wisdom, insight and understanding of the various blessings and benefits of work. It will motivate you to appreciate your work and inspire you to use every opportunity to make a difference in life that goes beyond making a living.​

This book will challenge you to passionately seek a deeper relationship with God; teach you what it takes to become a vessel of honor and guide you on how to become   effective in ministry.

This book will teach you biblical principles on how to be successful in fulfilling your life assignment. You will glean valuable insights and practical knowledge on how to use the gifts, talents, skills, knowledge and opportunities entrusted to you to achieve a greater purpose in life.

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As you read this book you will gain a better understanding that there is another side to your story. You can find hope and inspiration in the midst of unpleasant experiences. God has great plans your life and will help you navigate through turbulent storms. He is able to make a way where there seems to be no way.

Successful people don’t simple go through the motions of life; they proactivity plan for what they want to achieve through setting goals. As a result, they end up being very productive in what they do. This book will teach you the value of setting goals. And when the principles taught in each chapter are applied, they will produce significant results.  

This book is about awakening the great dreams in you. It will teach you to start living their dreams today. It will challenge you to take the action of flapping your wings and answer the call of your dreams to soar to heights you have never soared before. ​

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Our mission is to impact lives through books by empowering people to overcome their obstacles in life so that they can fulfill their God give purpose in making a difference in the lives of others. ​​

Inspirational Books by Boniface G. Gitau

This book contains twenty-one wisdom keys of vision that will change your life, because the wisdom and insight within it will challenge you to examine your vision from a totally different perspective.