• Standard cover design
  • Standard text layout
  • Customized book design
  • Elegant text layout


  • On-demand printing of book orders
  • You can order as few as 10 books or more than 1000 books


  • Basic editing
  • Advanced editing
  • Special editing


  • How to write your book step by step
  • Critiquing manuscripts


  • Guidance on getting your book published
  • Guidance on marketing your published book


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7 Reasons Why You Should Publish with us:

  1. We work with you from the inquiry stage to publishing and printing for no extra cost.
  2. We design customized cover and text layout at competitive rates.
  3. For complete manuscripts, we publish books within a shorter time than most publishers.
  4. Our on-demand publishing services affords authors to print as few as 10 books to more than a 1000 books.
  5. We are easily accessible by phone, text or email and we always respond promptly.
  6. When you publish with us, we will feature your new published book on our website for a given period of time.
  7. We provide other services that will add value to your manuscript at very competitive rates.