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I am writing to recommend Vision Publishers for all your publication needs.

I have nothing but praise for Boniface Gitau for his excellence in publishing . I had a recent opportunity to work closely with him to publish my book “Rooted and built up in Christ”. He made the whole experience painless. I can attest that he is a man of godly character, honesty, patience and great wisdom.

Pastor Lucy Kingori, Rph

Dallas, Texas

New Vision Publishing Services did a superb job for us in editing, printing and shipping and handling of our book: Ministry to All Nations.

Patriarch John G. Githiga
Amarillo, Texas

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Is the success, victory and happiness you desire eluding you like a mysterious fog that slips through your fingers every time you reach for it?  Do you aspire to have a better job, a stronger marriage, and a happier life?  Perhaps you simply want to accomplish more, make your mark on life and leave a lasting legacy for future generations? 

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I was extremely pleased with the excellence in the printing of my two books. They are both high quality. I readily recommend New Vision Publishing Services to you. I am confident you will be well pleased with their work.

Rev. Ed Wilson
Cincinnati, Ohio

However, you can't pursue what's really important in life because you're too busy with other people's priorities and the mundane responsibilities of everyday life. How can you break out of this routine and experience the full potential God has for your life?  This book will teach you how to reach your full potential in God, and Live Your Best Life Now. Most people talk more about negative things than positive ones. I would like to turn the table on that kind of thinking and get you to focus on the positive rather than the negative.  I want you to focus on what God wants to do for you, even if it seems impossible.  Dare to believe God for positive outcomes in life. 

Thank you Boniface Gitau. You have an incredible punt of effort in getting my book 'He got me jazzed and inspired" published I have enjoyed reading every page and the clarity and pattern you brought to the whole package. Thanks again. For your information New Vision Publishing Services has been listed to publish my next book, "digging for Gold." Thanks so much.

Pastor Emmanuel Elendu

Cincinnati, Ohio

A paper and pen-or computer is not enough to explain my experience with New Vision International. There is so much I can say which I learned when they were Publishing my book" An Amazing Journey of Survival" but words cannot do justice.But to sum up,I would say, keep up your incredible, Professional work. 

Rev. Simon Thiongo
Richmond, Indiana

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